​Citrus Rainbow – Set of Three Stretch Bracelets

​Citrus Rainbow – Set of Three Stretch Bracelets

Citrus Rainbow – Set of Three Stretch Bracelets

Size: 6 ½” * Or your chosen size

Materials Needed:

Tools Required:


Bead Stop

Bead Mat

Optional: EZ Bracelet Sizer – Makes accurate sizing of bracelets easy

Key Code:

A1 = 4mm Polymer Clay Slices B1 = Freshwater Pearls, 4-5mm Potato Pearls D = Smiley Faces – 10-5mm D1 = Smiley Faces - 7 x 4mm

Instructions on Construction:

Bracelet # 1:

1. Cut 1 x 12” piece of Stretch Magic, pre-stretch cord then attach bead stop to one end of stretch cord about 2 1/2” from end.

2. Thread On: B1 (18), D1 (1), A1 (Approx. 3”), D (1). * Test for size and adjustment as needed.

3. Tie two square knots and tighten firmly between each knot.

4. Thread one tail through the large smiley face bead, add glue to all sides of knot then pull tail to center the knot inside the bead.

5. Leave the bracelet for a couple of hours (time for glue to dry firmly) then trim tails. You can hold onto one tail, pull the opposite tail & trim close as you can. The other side you just trim as close as you can as you have nothing to hold onto.

6. *** Same instructions for the second bracelet except for the threading sequence B1 (5), D1 (1) Blue, B1 (5), A1 (Approx. 2 ¼”), B1 (5), D1 (1) Blue, B1 (5), D (1) Blue.

7. *** Same instructions for the third bracelet with this threading sequence A1 (5), B1 (1), A1 (10), D1 (1) Orange, A1 (10), B1 (1), A1 (10), D1 (1) Green, A1 (10), B1 (1), A1 (10), D1 (1) Purple, A1 (10), B1 (1), A1 (10), D1 (1) Yellow, A1 (10), B1 (1), A1 (5), D (1) Light Pink.

8. Now you can try on your bracelets and admire your handiwork.

9. Enjoy!

Jewelry designed by Steph Stirniman at

20th Jul 2021 Steph Stirniman

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