​Gemstone of the Month: Moonstone

​Gemstone of the Month: Moonstone

Gemstone of the Month: Moonstone.

Moonstone happens to be my favorite gemstone!! I’m not alone though – the beautiful shimmer of moonstone has made it a favorite stone of many cultures. The Greeks and the Romans associated moonstone with their goddesses. It’s no surprise, as the pleochroism (or color-shifting qualities) of moonstone are reminiscent of a beautiful full moon. It became very popular in the Art Nouveau period (1890-1910), which made it a favorite of Downton Abby fans!


Moonstone is used by healers to stimulate the pineal gland and to balance hormones cycles. It is believed to calm emotional overreactions and stabilize moods. Moonstone is an ideal gemstone for women – working with the phases of the moon just as we do and providing support for all phases of a woman’s life (PMS, conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, etc.). It is also wonderful for men too though, as it can help to soften a man’s emotions, especially with overly macho men.


Moonstone is an excellent stone for meditation and self reflection, as it enhances intuition and promotes inspiration. It’s said to bring good fortune and success in both love and business. It is very protective of those with a sensitive nature.


We are proud to have a wide variety of moonstone at Bead World, such as these stunning varieties below. Come on in and check out our gorgeous moonstone strands!

Rainbow Moonstone

Australian Moonstone

Chocolate Moonstone

Grey Moonstones & Chocolate Moonstones

Happy Beading!!

4th Oct 2019 Bailey Ienuso

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