Golden Coin Pearl Bracelet

Golden Coin Pearl Bracelet

Golden Coin Pearl Bracelet

This classic pearl bracelet will make the perfect summer accessory! You will barely feel it on your wrist, as the coins lay flat against your skin. Mix and Match metal colors or even substitute the pearls for gemstones to create your perfect aesthetic.

Materials Needed:

Bracelet length approx. 6”

Tools Required

Bead Mat

Crimping Pliers

Soft Flex Cutters

Chain Nose Pliers

Instructions on Construction:

1. Cut a 10” section of beading wire using your soft flex cutter, thread on crimp tube, attach to clasp & then back through crimp tube. I used the two-part folded crimp method with this design, cut excess extreme flex, then covered with the 3mm crimp cover. Gently close crimp cover with your needle nose pliers.

***Please note whichever way you choose to crimp, keep your wires parallel when crimping, this makes for a more secure attachment & it’s also wise to give a test pull on your wire to make sure you have secured the crimp :)

2. The bead sequence on this bracelet is as follows: Pearl Coin - Gold Filled Bead - Pearl Coin - Gold Filled Bead - Pearl Coin - Gold Filled Bead -- continue pattern and end with a Pearl.

**If you choose to make this bracelet longer / shorter you can add or subtract the number of beads used.

3. Add your crimp tube & thread the beading wire through the other end of the magnetic clasp.

4. At this stage lay bracelet on your worktop in a circle & make sure you leave enough slack in the wire so that your beads have enough room to sit nicely. It is important to leave this slack because if you crimp your wire too tightly the necklace will be rigid with no flow & there is a strong chance that the beading wire may break! Use an EZ Bracelet Sizer to help with sizing.

5. Close the crimp using the two-part folded method, cut excess extreme flex, and add crimp cover.

6. Done! :)

Jewelry designed by Kiara Thompson

7th May 2021 Kiara Thompson

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