​Golden Flower Garden – Chain with Flower Bar Bracelet

​Golden Flower Garden – Chain with Flower Bar Bracelet

Golden Flower Garden – Chain with Flower Bar Bracelet

Materials Needed:

Size Approx. 6 1/2” *Easy to adjust to custom fit.

Tools Required:

Round Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers (also known as chain nose)

Flat Nose Pliers


Bead Mat

Key Code:

B = Blue Flower G = Green Flower P = Pink Flower

1. Start by cutting chain into two 2 ½” sections.

2. Using flat nose and needle nose pliers undo jump ring and attach first section of chain to magnetic clasp. Close carefully making sure that both sides of jump ring come together and form a closed ring. * I find it easier to split the clasp into two pieces when attaching and I try to hold the magnet out of the way of the pliers, otherwise the magnet wants to attach to the tool!

3. Take head pin and remove the flat end cap with cutter and using your needle nose and round nose pliers create a small loop. You will now thread chain (with clasp on other end) into the wire loop just created and then wrap wire once. *Do NOT trim wire yet.

4. Thread on G (1), B (1), P (1) and then form second loop, thread the second section of chain into the loop just created and wrap wire once. Now, working alternately on either end wrap a half turn at a time until space is filled. This should give you an equal number of wraps on either side of this connecting link. Trim wires closely and tamp in ends if needed.

5. Using flat nose and needle nose pliers open jump ring and connect the last section of chain to the second part of clasp. Close the jump ring being careful that the sides come together and there are no gaps.

6. You are now ready to try on your new bracelet & admire your handiwork. Enjoy!

Jewelry designed by Steph Stirniman at

13th Jul 2021 Steph Stirniman

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