​Half and Half Chain and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

​Half and Half Chain and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Half and Half Chain and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

This cool bracelet has a seamless connection between chain and pearls formed by stringing the pearls onto stretch cord, read further and you will see how this works!

Size: Fastens at 16 ½” with a 2” pearl dangle * Or your chosen size

Materials Needed:

Tools Required:


Needle Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Bead Mat

Instructions on Construction:

1. Using needle nose and flat nose pliers separate the two ends of clasp.

2. Cut 6-8” piece of Stretch Magic, pre-stretched cord then thread through an end link of one section of the chain.

3. Start threading pearls with the two ends of cord held together. Thread all five pearls with gold beads in between like the picture.

4. Thread one of the cord ends through the last link in chain and using the other cord end tie three square knots, tighten firmly between each knot. This secures the pearl section to the chain.

5. Thread one of the stretch cords back through the last pearl, add glue to all sides of knot then pull the tail to hide the knot in center of pearl. Leave for a couple of hours (time for glue to dry firmly) then trim both tails.

6. Using needle nose pliers and flat nose pliers open a jump ring and attach the toggle ends to each end of the chains. Make sure that the jump ring is carefully closed.

7. Now you can try on your necklace and admire your handiwork. Enjoy!

Jewelry Designed by Karen Thompson

12th May 2022 Karen Thompson

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