Forte Bead - Grey Agate - Sold Individually

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  • Forte Bead - Grey Agate - Sold Individually
  • Forte Bead - Grey Agate - Sold Individually
  • Forte Bead - Grey Agate - Sold Individually


  • Sold Individually
  • Also known as Pony Beads, Forte Beads are a 5x7mm bead that is rectangular in shape with rounded edges, almost like a rondel or heishi. They have a larger hole of 2.5mm, allowing for you to use many kinds of stringing materials. Our favorite cords to use is our pre-made bracelet and necklace nylon cords, they have finished ends so it makes it super simple to string on your forte beads and go! Another one of our favorite cords to use is our 1.5mm Nylon cords. We have all kinds of colors to choose from to match your style.
  • What is it: Agate is a variety of banded microcrystalline quartz, or chalcedony. There are a vast amount of varieties of agate. Usually, each variety is named after their physical characteristics or location of origin. Agate is formed when ground waters that are high in silica content, fill a cavity in a host rock or dissolve pre-existing material such as bone or shell.
  • History: The name Agate derives from the Greek word "Achates," who was also a character in the epic latin poem - "aeneid." Objects in agate from the Neolithic era were found in ancient Mesopotamia, leading us to believe that Sumerians might have been the first ones to use agate to make necklaces, rings, and other jewelry. Cups crafted from agate were also very popular during the Byzantine era and collecting them became quite common for nobles in the European Renaissance. 
  • Metaphysical Properties: Agate is believed to be an excellent stone for rebalancing the body, mind, and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Believed to enhance mental function, improving concentration, perception, and analytical thinking.

Because gemstones are natural materials, appearances may vary from bead to bead.

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