Seed Bead Daisy Chain Choker Necklace

Seed Bead Daisy Chain Choker Necklace

Seed Bead Daisy Chain Choker Necklace

Learn how to make this dainty daisy chain choker necklace using a rainbow of colors. Each daisy is carefully assembled, with size 8 seed beads forming the petals and the center of the flower. The petals colors may be changed to your liking, pick whatever colors you desire! The daisies are evenly spaced along the length of the chain, creating a bright "floral" arrangement.

Materials Needed:

Choker Necklace (approx. 14.5"):

Tools Required:

Needle Nose Pliers (also known as chain nose)

Flat Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

Thread Snips or scissors

Bead Mat

GS-HYPO Cement (red tube)

Knotting Tweezers

Instructions on Construction:

1. Cut 10 sections of chain measuring 20 links on each section and 2 sections measuring 10 links for each section. Using a cutting of wire can help you quickly cut these. How to: count 20 links - cut - thread end of section onto wire - thread on end of uncut chain - measure by eye (or ruler) - cut

2. Take your length of wire - you can either cut it into 11 2" sections, or keep on one long length of chain. I didn't pe-cut, you may do what you prefer :)

3. Create a loop using your round nose pliers

4. Open the loop and add your first section of chain that has only 10 links

5. Close the loop

6. Thread on 1 yellow seed bead

7. Create a loop on the other end of your yellow seed bead. Try to keep the bottom of the loop as close as possible to the seed bead

8. Continue making your loop

9. Cut off excess

10. Before closing the loop, thread on a 20 link section of chain

11. Close loop

12. Repeat, create a loop with your wire

13. Thread it onto the end of the 20 link chain section, close the loop

14. Thread on a yellow seed bead and make your loop

15. Remember to keep the bottom close to the edge of the seed bead

16. Cut excess

17. Before closing the loop, thread on a 20 link section of chain

18. Continue with the previous steps until your project looks like this - notice the 10 link chain sections are on each end

19. Cut 11 sections of fireline approximately 5 inches each - there will be waste, but it will make it much easier to tie the knots for the daisy petals

20. Pick the colors you would like to use in your necklace and arrange them in the order of how you would like them displayed - shown above is just one bead of each color in the order of which it was used

21. Take one piece of fireline section and thread on 3 seed beads - I am going in order from left to right as shown in step 20

22. Thread each end of the fireline through the loops you made with the craft wire as shown above

23. Thread one bead on the left, and 2 beads on the right - as shown above

24. Make a surgeons knot and pull it all the way down tight

25. Repeat with a second surgeons knot

26. Finish with a third surgeons knot for extra security

27. Thread one end of the fireline through the center bead, shown above

28. Pull the knot so that it is centered between the bead

29. Add a dab of gs-hypo glue on each side of the seed bead

30. Your daisy should look like this - leave to dry while you complete the rest of the daisies

31. Repeat the steps to create the daisies, your project should look like this

32. Using scissors or thread snips, cut the excess fireline

33. The glue should be tacky and almost dry, gently push any excess thread into the bead. The tacky glue should hold it inside

34. Your project should look like this

35. Attach the magnetic clasp with a gold filled jump ring - repeat on other side

36. Done! :)

9th Jul 2023 Kiara Rimsza

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