​Delicate Lilac Haze “Y” Crystal Necklace

​Delicate Lilac Haze “Y” Crystal Necklace

Delicate Lilac Haze “Y” Crystal Necklace

Materials Needed:

Finished Length 16 ½” with 4 ¼” Drop

Tools Required

Needle Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Crimper Tool

Soft Flex Cutter

Bead Mat


Bead Board (for laying out bead sequence)

Key Code for Beads: There are only two types of beads used in this necklace, but you can still place your beads on a mat for correct stringing sequence. * If you have a bead board this also a great option

Z = 2mm Purple Zircon Crystal G = 2mm 14k Gold Filled Round Beads C = 2 x 2mm Crimp Tube

Instructions on Construction:

1. Cut 12” section of beading wire, thread on crimp tube & attach to closed jump ring, using crimper tool and the two-part fold method of crimping. This allows for an easier fit with the 3mm crimp cover, which you will now place using a needle nose plier. 

* Keep your wires parallel when crimping, this makes for a more secure attachment and remember to give a test pull on your wire to make sure you have tamped down firmly enough.

2. Thread as follows: Z (23), G (1), Z (21), G (1), Z (19), G (1), Z (17), G (1), Z (15), C (1), crimp wire to one of the rings on the “Y” connector. Place crimp cover making sure that the two edges come together evenly. 

* Make sure you leave enough slack in the wire so that your beads have enough room to sit easily, if you crimp your wire too tightly the necklace will be rigid and there is a chance that the beading wire may break! 

* On second side, the threading sequence is a mirror image of first side, and you will attach into second loop on “Y” connector.

3. For the middle drop with leaf dangle you will cut 9” section of beading wire and attach to the final loop on the “Y” connector. Crimp in the same manner as before and place crimp cover. Beading sequence is as follows: Z (15), G (1), Z (17), G (1), Z (19), C (1)

4. Attach wire through loop in the top of leaf charm, close the crimp and place cover.

5. Your final step is to add clasp, if you are right hand dominant the clasp will go right side. 

* Make sure that you have the “Y” connector with the CZ facing in the right direction, or your clasp could go on the wrong side! Using your needle nose pliers carefully open loop on clasp and connect to the jump ring (on side of your choice). Close the loop carefully making sure there are no gaps.

6. You are now ready to try on your necklace & to admire your handiwork

7. Enjoy!

Jewelry designed by Steph Stirniman

21st Aug 2020 Steph Stirniman

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