Enchanting Resin Butterfly Earrings

Enchanting Resin Butterfly Earrings

Enchanting Resin Butterfly Earrings

Classic meets eccentric in these charming drop butterfly resin earrings. This asymmetrical design is perfect for the spring season and will be sure to make your heart flutter!

Jewelry Making Supplies 

Drop Length approx. 3”. Feel free to use any color you'd like for the butterflies or gemstones used in this tutorial. Here is a link to a visual tutorial as well Bead World TikTok!

What You'll Need:

Ready, Set, Make!

To begin with, you'll need four gold jump rings and your white and green butterflies.

  1. Open the four jump rings.
  2. Attach three jump rings to the white butterfly and one jump ring to the green butterfly.

Using your gold craft wire

  1. Cut 5" off
  2. Slide one of the light blue amazonite gemstones onto the wire and place in the middle.
  3. Create two wire-wrapped ends with the pliers.

Using one gold plated headpin

  1. Slide the other light blue amazonite gemstone onto the headpin
  2. Create one wire-wrapped end with the pliers.
  3. Before you begin wrapping it, attach the loop onto the open marquise pendant.
  4. Once attached, then finish off by wrapping the wire three times.

Get Connected!

Time to start connecting with the jump rings. Gather all your pieces and start with the two flat ear wires.

  1. Open one of the flat ear wires and attach the light blue amazonite gemstone with the two wire wrapped ends to it.
  2. Then attach the other end of that same gemstone to the top of the marquise pendant.
  3. Now you should have one side of the earring done!
  4. Next, open the other flat ear wire and link the green butterfly to it with another jump ring.
  5. Use the other end of the green butterfly to connect the marquise pendant.

Congratulations! You now have your own pair of butterfly earrings.

Jewelry designed by Alanna Tartsah

5th Apr 2022 Alanna Tartsah

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