​Fiesta Collection – Black, Gold & Orange, Tassel Necklace

​Fiesta Collection – Black, Gold & Orange, Tassel Necklace

Fiesta Collection – Black, Gold & Orange, Tassel Necklace

Materials Needed:

Finished Length Approx. 30” Tassel Pendant has approx. 3 ½” Drop

Tools Required

#2 (1.5mm) Crochet Hook

Needle Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers


Bead Mat

Darning Needle


Optional: Thread Zap

Key Code for Beads:

G6 = Size 6 Gold Seed Bead G8 = Size 8 Gold Seed Bead O6 = Size 6 Orange Seed Bead V8 = Size 8 Vermillion Red Seed Bead R11 = Size 11 Dark Red Seed Bead TDP = Teardrop Pendant GD = TC Gold Dagger

Instructions on Construction:

1. Using your cutter remove the metal loop from the dark red tassel and replace with a large oval jump ring (this is easier to do if you poke an awl or something sharp through the top of loop, to create a channel for the jump ring). Thread the vermillion tassel on one side of the dark red tassel and the orange tassel on the other side. Close the jump ring using needle nose and flat nose pliers. Take second oval jump ring and connect the three tassels to the bottom of the teardrop pendant. Attach an oval jump ring to the loop at the top of teardrop pendant. * The pendant is now ready to attach when the beaded crochet chain is complete.

2. Threading sequence is as follows: G8 (1), G6 (1), G8 (1), R11 (1), V8 (1), O6 (1), G8 (1), G6 (1), G8 (1), * Repeat this so there are a total of seven repeats, G8 (1), G6 (1), GD (1), G6 (1), G8 (1), O6 (1), G8 (1), G6 (1), GD (1), G6 (1) * This is the midpoint and the second half is a mirror image of the first half.

3. Start with chain of eight stitches, these will be used to attach clasp, catch first bead into next chain stitch. Pattern is as follows: G8 (1), Chain 1, G6 (1), Chain 1, G8 (1), * Chain 3, R11 (1), Chain 1, V8 (1), Chain 1, O6 (1), Chain 3, G8 (1), Chain 3, G6 (1), Chain 3, G8 (1) * Repeat so that there are a total of six of these sections. Continue pattern as follows: Chain 3, R11 (1), Chain 1, V8 (1), Chain 1, O6 (1), Chain 3, G8 (1), Chain 3, G6 (1), Chain 1, GD (1), Chain 1, G6 (1), Chain 1, G8 (1), Chain 1, O6 (1), Chain 1, G8 (1), Chain (1), G6 (1), Chain 1, GD (1), Chain 1, G6 (1), Chain 1, *This is the center point, the second side is a mirror image of the first side. * It is easier to attach the pendant when the necklace is finished, this is easy because it attaches with a large oval jump ring.

4. * I use a tight tension when I crochet with beads, yours will probably be different so I suggest you check how many repeats you will need to reach your desired length. Finish with a chain of eight stitches.

5. Cut macramé cord, leaving a tail length that is long enough to sew the clasp, and thread through loop on clasp *if you are having problems getting the chain through the loop take out four stitches, thread the crochet loop through the loop on clasp and then using your crochet hook make four more stitches.

6. Move the clasp so that that it is sitting over the fourth chain stitch and then fold the first four chains back towards the necklace. Using a darning needle carefully stitch the folded over section to the chain below. I try to stitch up (towards clasp), and then back down (going through both sides of each of the four stitches). Weave your needle back up through this section so that it finishes by clasp. I use a thread Zap to melt away the excess cord * This tool is highly effective when it has new batteries and so I am careful to start melting the cord about ¼” away from where I want to finish! You could use scissors, but the advantage of a Thread Zap is that it melds your cord together, so no unravelling or loose ends sticking out. As a final touch I add a dab of hypo cement to the area just zapped, this may be overkill when using the Thread Zap, but I would do it for sure if you are using scissors. Repeat for other end of crochet chain.

7. Using flat nose and needle nose pliers attach the oval jump ring on pendant to the midpoint of the necklace, being careful to line up edges of jump ring so there are no gaps.

8. You are now ready to admire your handywork. Enjoy!

Jewelry designed by Steph Stirniman at

12th Jan 2021 Steph Stirniman

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