​Sunset Sky Stretch Bracelet

​Sunset Sky Stretch Bracelet

Sunset Sky Stretch Bracelet

This bracelet is part of a collection influenced by the Arizona Skies and red rock canyons, which gives it a very South Western feel. This bracelet and the rest of the collection feature TierraCast findings (a cool Californian company that produces quality products).

Materials Needed:

Finished Length Approx. 6 1/2”

Tools Required:


Bead Stop

Beading Mat

Key Code for Beads: * If you have a bead board you can lay the beads in correct sequence before stringing A = 3mm TC Fac. Silver Bead C = Turquoise Chips D = TC Wild Rose Barrel Bead E = TC Pamada Bead G = 2mm Zircon I = 6mm Carnelian

Instructions on Construction:

1. Cut 1 (12”) piece of Stretch Magic, pre-stretch cord then trim a small amount from either end (the parts you were holding onto when stretching cord), then attach bead stop to one end of cord about 3” from end. 

* Make sure this bracelet does not fit too snugly because this is a delicate stretch cord, the .5 size was needed to fit through the 2mm zircon, so handle with care. If you need a larger size add beads as needed in keeping with the established pattern.

2. Add A (1), (G (1), C (7) – (do this sequence four times), G (1), I (3), G (1), E (1), G (1), I (5), G (1), C (1), G (1), I (2), G (1), C (7), G (1), C (7), G (1), A (1), D (1)

3. Tie three square knots and tighten firmly between each knot.

4. Thread one of the tails back through the barrel bead, add a dab of hypo cement onto the knot (from all sides). Pull tail to center knot in the middle of the barrel bead, you should have one tail sticking out either side of the bead.

5. Leave the bracelet for at least a couple of hours for the hypo cement to set up, then trim tails. You can hold onto one tail, pull the opposite tail & trim close as you can. The other side you just trim as close as you can as you have nothing to hold onto. Ideally the knots will have glued & attached to the center of the barrel bead.

6. You are now ready to try on your new bracelet & to admire your handiwork.

7. Enjoy!

Jewelry designed by Steph Stirniman

21st Jul 2020 Steph Stirniman

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